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Tina was captivated by an idea to be the first one that come up with something new. Her innovative idea turned into a huge success. She is a trendsetter since there’s no any celebrities in Czech and Slovak had a lifestyle app. We aim to build up the most happiest place in fans’ mobile devices. An app that could be a source of positive ideas and inspiration from Tina, also able to disclose the life of a singer in backstage.

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Right after launching, it became the most downloaded app in App Store.


We took advantage of YouTube platform for offering stable live-streaming for users. When a live-stream is broadcasting, fans are informed with instant push notifications. An innovative navigation to the main page is controlled by a unique turning wheel. With one simple finger-tap, you can browse through all the subjects of Tina, including news, songs, articles, as well as Fanzone. Last, we implemented the in-app payment to acquire paid contents such as articles and live-streams. It’s also possible to use a promo code while purchasing in this app.

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