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In the beginning, there was an idea to create a unique mobile app and responsive website where users can not only make requests for delivery, but also being able to deliver consignments of any sizes. Shippers no longer need to go to a post office or look for courier companies. The goal is to create a request by few simply steps via mobile app or a web page, and wait for the offers from shippers / couriers ready to deliver. In the next step, sender have the right to choose any shipper that meets his or hers criteria the most.

Mark Ferriman
252 - 260 Broad Street
Birmingham, B1 2HF



Applications that works on iOS, Android, and Web have two purposes. If you are in a need of delivering, all you need to set is source and destination addresses, desired time frame, offered price, and wait for offers. If you want to deliver, you have to make an offer. If you need to ship out something, just enter start and destination location, desired time frame, offered price, and wait for offers. After a request for transporting, the sender will choose an offer suits him or her the best. Or vice versa: if you want to earn some money by delivering consignments for others, you have to make a request to be a carrier. In order to prevent the shipment to be delivered to the wrong hands, it is protected by a special code will be used when picking up and delivering the consignment. After shipping out the consignment, sender will be updated by push notifications for every significant or status change and will be able to see the location of consignments on the map.
Mobile app uses a sophisticated backend with a convenient administration interface for overviewing all ongoing activities in the system easily. To guarantee the quality and reliability, the system and apps include a variety of tools for status update. We used modern platform Intercom for direct customer communication. Payment for delivery takes place directly in the mobile app after the consignment is delivered, and only after successful delivery using safe service called Braintree. Shippers are also notified when new consignments are available in their selected area and matches predefined criteria. Shipper will be updated by push notification of each consignment status and track them via online map.

Zavezu is in testing phase
at this moment. Shortly,
there will be a final version with
intensive marketing campaigns.

Average Application Rating

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